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Joan A. Koffman        
Joan A. Koffman is a real estate practitioner who has advocated for property owners, buyers and sellers since 1980. As the office “condo maven,” she works with owners to convert their multi-family homes into condominiums. Joan has taught at Mass Bay and Middlesex Community Colleges, offering classes in joint property ownership, commercial leasing, and buying and selling real estate. She has also taught “First-Time Buyer” seminars at Urban Edge and Watertown Community Housing. Joan Koffman is a graduate of Suffolk University School of Law and Emerson College in Boston.
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Nancy R. Dreyer
  Nancy R. Dreyer served for 8 years as general counsel to more than 75 cooperative and condominium associations as an attorney in New York City. Practicing since 1981, she has taught homebuying seminars in many venues, including Watertown Community Housing. Nancy has utilized her extensive experience as a facilitator of group decision-making in her work with condo association boards and co-owners of real estate. A member of both the Massachusetts and the New York bars, Nancy Dreyer is a graduate of George Washington University Law School and Tufts University.
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